(11/01)Tokyo today about COVID-19 [Fixed Value]



***  This article is written with the help of Google Translate… ***




116 ( -99 from the day before) new infections confirmed in Tokyo.





◆◆◆ Japan ◆◆◆



Number of people infected nationwide : 614 ( -263

Number of people deaths nationwide : 6 ( -8)

Number of people infected in Tokyo : 116 ( -99)

 *( )= increase  from the day before



Number of people infected nationwide : 102,780 ( +614

Number of people deaths nationwide : 1789 ( +6)

Number of hospital discharges : 93,619 ( +485)

 *( )= increase  from the day before

* Since revisions are made daily by local governments and the media,
the cumulative total may differ from the new figures for the day.


Number of seriously ill persons nationwide : 160 ( -1)   



Narita Airport Quarantine : 8人 ( -1 / Total 1,339)

  *( )= increase  from the day before


 (*All of the above from 2020/11/01 20:32 / NHK NEWS WEB)




(Cumulative) * The following is up to 10 worst prefectures.

(*2020/11/01 20:32 / NHK NEWS WEB)

▽東京都 (Tokyo)          31,212人 (前日+116人)
▽大阪府 (Osaka)          12,876人 (前日+ 123人)
▽神奈川県 (Kanagawa)   8776人 (前日+ 66人)
▽愛知県 (Aichi)              6287人 (前日+  48人)
▽埼玉県 (Saitama)          5886人 (前日+ 33人)
▽福岡県 (Fukuoka)          5231人 (前日+ 5人)
▽千葉県 (Chiba)            5043人 (前日+  24人)
▽沖縄県 (Okinawa)         3363人 (前日+27人)
▽兵庫県 (Hyogo)            3265人 (前日+ 15人)
▽北海道 (Hokkaido)        3205人 (前日+69人)

*( )= increase  from the day before



◆◆◆ World ◆◆◆



Number of people infected nationwide : 4,6474,481 ( +465,699)

Number of people deaths nationwide : 1201,325 ( +5,850)

Number of hospital discharges : 3,3551,531 ( +251,013)

( All of the above from 2020/11/01 20:06 / worldometers) 

*( )= increase  from the day before




I’m glad that the number of new infections in Tokyo has simply decreased!



Every Sunday, I’m always afraid that “What if it doesn’t decrease …”, because the number of infected people is high on the previous Saturday.



Well, I will summarize

the breakdown of the number of new infections in Tokyo + α …!



Out of [116] new infections in Tokyo


・Today’s newly infected people are men and women in their under10 to 80s


[57] people is in their 20s to 30s

  (about 49% of the total)

[31] people is in their 40s to 50s

  (about 27% of the total)

     *under10 : [3] persons
     *10s : [8] persons
     *20s : [37] persons
     *30s : [20] persons
     *40s : [16] persons
     *50s : [15] persons
     *60s : [6] persons
     *70s : [8] persons
     *80s : [3] persons
     *90s : [0] persons
     *over100 : [0] persons


[N/A] people is

  in 『the entertainment district at night』

  →Employees and guests such as host clubs and cabaret clubs


Infection at home [24] people

Infection at office [7] people

Infection at a dinner with friends and acquaintances [2] people

Infection in the facility [7] people

Infection via other routes [N/A] people


     ・Outbreak of soccer club at Hosei University [1] people

         *Cumulative 24 people

     ・Outbreak of distribution warehouse (company name “Daily Transport”) in Funabashi City, Chiba prefecture [1] people

         *Cumulative 28 people in Tokyo

          (*Cumulative 96 people in Chiba)


***  Information on people under medical treatment in Tokyo  ***

Number of hospitalized : 1013 ( +70)

Number of seriously ill :  34 +1)

Home medical treatment :  215 (  +9)

Hotel medical treatment : 298 ( +15)

Adjusting for “hospitalization or hotel or home treatment” : 273 ( -50)

People discharged from hospital or

those who have completed medical treatment at home: 28,958 ( +72)

 *( )= increase  from the day before


Net increase in infected people in Tokyo

 = (Number of new infections)

   - (Number of people who completed medical treatment)

   - (Number of deaths)

 = 116 - 72 - 0

 = +44 people


Estimated total number of infected people in Tokyo as of today

 = (Number of positives)

   - (end of medical treatment period such as discharge)

   - (Number of deaths)

 = 31,212 - 28,958 - 455

 = 1,799 people


*Tokyo currently has 8 facilities for infected people

 (Capacity of 2400 people)


* A hospital in Tokyo has secured 2350 beds (+150 beds for critically ill patients).

 → Aim to secure 2,700 beds.

* In addition, we will open two specialized hospitals from September to October, and plan to add another 200 beds.


*The hotels are that,

“the b Hachiouji”, “the b Ikebukuro”, “DayniceHOTEL Tokyo”,

“Toyoko INN Shinjukukabukicho”, “Toyoko INN Tokyo Station Shinoohashimae”

“Shinagawa Prince Hotel (East Tower)”,

“APA Hotel Asakusa Taharamachi Ekimae (8/13 added)”,

“Tokyo Toranomon Tokyu REI Hotel (8/17 added)”

* 東京都福祉保健局 *3施設追加|東京都


*The source of the total number of infected persons is from 東京都




Rich contacts [54] people

   (about 47% of the total)

Unknown infection route [62] people

    (about 53% of the total)




Quarantine at the airport

  Arriving at Narita/Kansai Airport,

    →Men from 8 countries [8] person(s)


*Since the number of new infections in Tokyo seems to be almost the number of the previous day,

(Because the deadline for the number of new infections on the day is from 9:00 am the day before to 9:00 am on the day)





And also today, I will summarize some prefectures that have a high number of infected people, not just in the Tokyo area.



*** Saitama ***

New infections are [33] people

   →Jurisdiction of Saitama Prefectural Office [29] people

    Saitama City [2] person(s)

    Kawaguchi City [0] person(s)

    Koshigaya City [2] person(s)

    Kawagoe City [0] person(s)



*** Kanagawa ***

New infections are [66] people

     ・Outbreak of day service facility for persons with disabilities in Yokohama City [16] person(s)

         *Cumulative 20 people

     ・Outbreak of food processing plant in Yokohama City [4] person(s)

         *Cumulative 27 people



*** Chiba ***

New infections are [24] people

     ・Outbreak of distribution warehouse (company name “Daily Transport”) in Funabashi City [2] people

         *Cumulative 96 people (under group test of 700 people)


Chiba Prefecture has decided to business suspension request for restaurants that do not follow the guidelines of industry groups to close after 8 am on August 8.

Targets are karaoke shops and restaurants with entertainment.



*** Osaka ***

New infections are [123] people

     →There is no information today…



*** Aichi ***

New infections are [48] people

     ・Outbreak at work in Komaki City [5] person(s)

         *Cumulative 18 people

     ・Outbreak related to the Philippine pub “PUB” EDEN “” in Toyohashi City [4] person(s)



*** Okinawa ***

New infections are [27] people

    →US military base: [N/A] person(s)

       *Cumulative 425 US military personel

       *Not included in the number of infected people in Okinawa



*** Fukuoka ***

New infections are [5] person(s)



◆◆◆ Hokkaido ◆◆◆

New infections are [69] person(s)

   →Sapporo City [59] people 


     ・Outbreak of food-related company in Sapporo City [Cumulative 8 people]

     ・Outbreak of Tomakomai Technical High School in Tomakomai City [2] person(s)

         *Cumulative 11 people

     ・Outbreak of restaurant outbreak with entertainment at night in Susukino, Sapporo City [Cumulative 6 people]


     *According to the person in charge of Sapporo City, basic infection prevention measures were taken for both food-related companies and the restaurant with entertainment at night outbreaks … (Then, I think the government-led infection prevention measures are meaningless …)



◆◆◆ Miyagi ◆◆◆

New infections are [16] person(s)








First of all, overseas topics!


Moscow, the capital of Russia, seems to be considering vaccination of the new coronavirus (COVID-19) for the general public as early as next month!

新型コロナワクチン 一般の人たちに接種へ 懸念の声も ロシア

Two Russian vaccines have already been officially approved in Russia (although none have been clinically tested) and have already begun to be given to healthcare professionals and school teachers!



It seems that 44% of Russians say they will not be vaccinated, and because of the outbreak in the last parliament, I wonder that “Is the vaccine really effective?” but what will happen?


However, it would be great if this dramatically reduced the number of new infections in Russia!



By the way, in the UK yesterday,



Prime Minister Johnson has made a lockdown, announcing the suspension of store operations other than the sale of daily necessities from November 5th to December 2nd, and calling for an unnecessary and urgent outing.

Restaurants and bars are also closed, and the school does not seem to close.



And … finally, even Germany (which hasn’t been much news in Japan so far) will have a partial lockdown for four weeks starting November 2nd …


Not only restaurants and bars are closed, but gyms, sports facilities, movie theaters and theaters are also closed.




What about Japan

海外出張の帰国後2週間待機を免除 移動制限など条件

The government has decided to relax new immigration restrictions, which are being implemented from November 1st today …



Hey! (angry)

Isn’t it?



In summary,

・Exemption from “waiting at home for 2 weeks after returning to Japan”

・For “Japanese” and “foreigners with a status of residence in Japan”

・Movement is only round trip between work and home

・The target is 9 countries that the government has judged to be “controlling the spread of infection” …



By the way, from the positive result status in “Quarantine at the airport” which was on a little above this “Summary article”, while listing the nine countries, I judge the status of “Degree of risk” by my “Rule of thumb” that I always put together a “summary article” .


◆ The amount of Positive status in “Quarantine at the airport” ◆


①Korea ← Many

②Singapore ← Almost none

③Thailand ← quite a lot

④Taiwan ← Only once

⑤Brunei ← Almost never seen

⑥Vietnam ← There are so many

⑦Australia ← Occasionally

⑧New Zealand ← Only once

⑨China ← Many


(* the judgment from the feeling that Acertainfox 512 always summarizes ←)


It’s like that…


In the first place, there are many cases where “the test after returning to Japan was negative, but the test was positive afterwards”, and other than entering and leaving Japan, “the test was negative at the outbreak facility, but it became positive a few days later.” Even though there are many cases like this in the news, it’s pretty scary to lose the safety measure of “requesting home for 2 weeks” …



Let’s have all the government members go on a trip to Europe to see the current situation in the world!




And the data!

Recently, the number of newly infected people in Japan (nationwide) is unusually high, so I would like to introduce some data.

While quoting the data from NHK’s new coronavirus infection site, I added some notes!


* Please forgive me for the typographical error… lol



This is a bar graph of the daily number of newly infected people in Japan, but I have noticed some things …


* By the way, the black part of the image is based on the “day with the most infected people” in “late September when the number of newly infected people was the least”,

The day when the number is higher than that number is easy to understand and extends beyond the black part!



The following is what I learned by looking at the bar graph.

①It was steadily decreasing until the end of September.

② After all, there were few around the four consecutive holidays in September.

③The number of newly infected people these days is clearly too high in the last two months.

 (Too much beyond the black part)

The number has clearly increased from “the week when the number of infected people was the lowest in the second wave” before and after the four consecutive



The fact that the number of newly infected people in Japan was small not only during the four consecutive holidays at the end of September but also during the previous week and the following week means that I just feel that the influence of “4 consecutive holidays” and “Go To (Travel) campaign” is not irrelevant …



The “Second Wave” that started in June was originally around the time when the government was easing after easing,

(ex : May 25, the state of emergency was completely lifted nationwide, school resumed from June 1, and gradual relaxation on June 12 and 19)

I hope the infection doesn’t spread like that time …



I hope the government will look at the situation in Europe and feel a little bit of a crisis. ..







And as for the information on vaccines and therapeutic drugs that I always post, “The past flow of Vaccine development and therapeutic drug” and “How much are currently secured, and when vaccines will be supplied to Japan” etc. are summarized!


Vaccine” solves this “new coronavirus (COVID-19) infectious disease” fundamentally, so if you have time, please read it!


こんにちは! もう9月になっちゃいましたね! この『コロナ禍』も本格的になったのは3月頃だったと思うので 『まだ半年しか経ってないのか。。。』 というのが正直な所ですよね…! だってもう2,...


By the way, there was also such information related to above ↓



こんにちは! 最近やっっっと、暑さが『ちょっとだけ』落ち着いてきつつありますね! ようやく最高気温が30℃を切る日が少し出てき始めました! そんな9月は皆さんご存知の イギリス...


The news of despair ran around on September 9th,

“The clinical trial of the new coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine under development by British pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca and Oxford University, which is scheduled to be completed in September this month, is suspended.”

There was no follow-up report on major news sites such as NHK and Yahoo !, so I did some research and summarized this!


The result is … it looks reassuring! (lol)

So if you have time, please read it!


This was approved by the UK government authorities on September 13th, and clinical trials in the UK have resumed!


Also in Japan, according to the report on September 15, it has been decided that clinical trials will be resumed in stages from this week at the earliest in Japan!




Even if the clinical trials are completed in the UK and the vaccine is approved, we cannot be vaccinated unless it is approved in Japan, so I am really happy that the clinical trials in Japan will be resumed!




And this article↓


How long time the materials such as paper, cloth, plastic, etc. need to eliminating the risk when coronavirus is attached, and how effective disinfection is.

If you are interested, please take a look!






And here’s a trial calculation of how many people in Japan are actually receiving medical treatment.


(Number of people infected nationwide) 102,780

+ (Number of hospital discharges ) 1789

+ (Number of hospital discharges ) 93,619

= 7,372 people ( +125)  ← being treated

 *()=increase  from the day before



(If it is exactly as announced)

For those who are undergoing medical treatment nationwide are…

The days when more than 100 people increase …



Today, all the topics are uninteresting, so here’s a little fun (?) Topic …


When I was looking for news related to the new coronavirus (COVID-19) as usual, I found an article titled “All train advertisements were twoosed”

(* twoos = A quick one-liner that a Japanese comedian raises his index finger.) 


“What do you mean?”



When I opened the tweet on Twitter, I laughed more than I expected…








They are “twoos” more than I expected! lol



Today, when I looked up and had only negative topics, I was a little relaxed!






Please be very careful when you go out!










Changes in New Coronavirus Infection in Tokyo


Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Total
170 141 211 136 181 1087
116 77 170 149 276 187 226 1201
146 80 191 163 171 220 218 1189
162 98 88 59 195 195 270 1067
144 78 212 194
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Total
235 196 207 1266
108 66 177 142 248 203 249 1193
146 78 166 177 284 184 235 1270
132 78 139 150 185 186 203 1073
124 102 158 171 221 204 215 1195
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Total


 *Unit: person (number of infected people on that day)


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