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About therapeutic drugs and vaccines

Details about the suspension of the “Vaccine Expected by the World” scheduled to be completed in September! [New Coronavirus] [Oxford University] [AstraZeneca] [COVID-19]

Hello! Recently, the heat is settling down "just a little" in Japan! Finally, there are a few ...
About therapeutic drugs and vaccines

The vaccine will be completed soon?! “Past flow” and “future” of vaccines and therapeutic drugs! [New coronavirus] [COVID-19]

Hello! I think it was around March that this "new coronavirus (COVID-19) infectious disease" became ful...
About aftereffects

The aftereffects of “COVID-19” may not be cured…?! [New Coronavirus]

Hello! It's already September! Why is it so hot! !! Didn't you think... today? lol Today's maximum ...
About therapeutic drugs and vaccines

When will the vaccine arrive in Japan?! [COVID-19]

*** This article is written with the help of Google Translate... *** Hello! Thank you for your inter...
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