The vaccine will be completed soon?! “Past flow” and “future” of vaccines and therapeutic drugs! [New coronavirus] [COVID-19]







I think it was around March that this “new coronavirus (COVID-19) infectious disease” became full-scale, so to be honest, “Is it ONLY half a year …”?


I feel like I’ve been swayed by this “new coronavirus (COVID-19)” for a couple of years …



It’s September like that, but also it’s September that the new coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine from Oxford University in the UK and AstraZeneca, a major British pharmaceutical company, which I’ve been summarizing several times since May, will be completed!


Along with that, information on vaccine development from all over the world began to come in frequently from around the middle of August last month in Japan, so I would like to reorganize the information so far here!



In the sense of “the flow so far”, I will summarize it a little more carefully than usual!





Since this “new coronavirus (COVID-19) infectious disease”, I have summarized and introduced information on vaccines and therapeutic agents several times, but first I started with this summary article!




◆◆◆ May 1, 2020 ◆◆◆




This is a summary article on May 1st before Golden Week (spring consecutive holidays in Japan), when the “first wave” of “new coronavirus (COVID-19) infection” was heading toward controlling nationwide!


Here I have summarized the following contents.


Herd immunity = a method for controlling this “new coronavirus (COVID-19) infection”


・ Information on therapeutic drug candidates (Abigan, Remdesivir, etc.)

(* Remdesivir was not approved yet at this time!)




Vaccine information (how to fundamentally solve this “new coronavirus (COVID-19) infectious disease”), the flow from the development of the vaccine to its approval




I personally still review this summary article to remind myself of the flow of vaccine development and herd immunity.



By the way, in this article, I gave an example of vaccine development that I can expect by saying “I personally recommend it!”, are follows.


“Vaccine development of Oxford University and AstraZeneca” which is popular in the world.

(Scheduled to be completed in September)




“Vaccine development by Pfizer, a major American pharmaceutical company”

(scheduled to be completed in October)!


It ’s me! The eyes are different! 

… Yes, I’m sorry. It’s a joke…lol




◆◆◆ May 22, 2020 ◆◆◆


And here is the next summary!



On May 22nd, information came out about the vaccine under development by Oxford University in the United Kingdom and AstraZeneca, a major British pharmaceutical company, for the first time, saying, “It will be completed and will be available in September at the earliest!”


For me, it was super big news, but the Japanese didn’t make so much noise, or it wasn’t reported at all in the news, and I thought, “Why don’t everyone please? Why don’t everyone know?” I remember!


Japan was busy just before “May 25, Tokyo + 4 prefectures’ emergency declaration lifted”!



It was a time when we were feeling too cramped under the state of emergency, so information on vaccines that will fundamentally solve this “new coronavirus (COVID-19) infection” will be provided by the end of the year. How happy we are! ??



It was news of that time!




◆◆◆ June 14, 2020 ◆◆◆


And next is a summary of the time when this “new coronavirus (COVID-19) infectious disease” has settled down and the government has been steadily easing it after the state of emergency was lifted!


(*Sorry, I inadvertently posted only in Japanese…)



Great information came in at the time of this summary,


(From the summary article)

“Actually, there are two types of vaccines.

①Things that do not become severe when infected

 (Actually, influenza vaccine etc. is ↑ this)

② Things that will not be infected in the first place

This vaccine under development at Oxford University is, fortunately, the “non-infectious vaccine” in ②!


It realized for the first time here!

It is great! Because it means “no longer infected”? !!



“If we can take this, the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) will really disappear from the world!”



It turned out that it was great news!


And for the first time in this news, we learned that the Japanese government will also start negotiations on vaccine supply!

(Sometimes I think that Japan would have been vaccinated by the end of the year if I could do it a little earlier …)




◆◆◆ July 19, 2020日 ◆◆◆


The following is a summary of a month and a half ago!

At this time, the number of infected people in Tokyo was

double digits → 100 people → 200 people…

It was a time of despair, as it was increasing steadily.




About the vaccine under development by Oxford University in the UK and AstraZeneca, a major British pharmaceutical company,


・Clinical trials are proceeding smoothly


・High immune effect


・This vaccine has a “double defense” like follows.

 ①Weaken the virus

 ②Create cells in the body that kill the virus



So the news was “a breakthrough!”



And at this time, there was not much news about vaccines for about a month, so it was good news to know that clinical trials are proceeding smoothly!




◆◆◆ July 29, 2020 ◆◆◆


And next is …


(*Sorry, about this article, I also inadvertently posted only in Japanese…)



It’s a moment away from the vaccine, but there was news of the approval of the second new coronavirus (COVID-19) infection drug in Japan since the approval of remdesivir in May!


The name of this remedy is the anti-inflammatory drug “dexamethasone”, and while remdesivir is “a drug that works for mildly ill patients”, this dexamethasone is said to be “a drug that works for severely ill patients”!

Moreover, although it has already been used as a remedy for asthma, it is inexpensive and has already been widely used, so it was said to be an “important and epoch-making advance in treatment”!



The mortality rate of “2nd wave” is lower than that of “1st wave” of this “new coronavirus (COVID-19) infectious disease”, which may be due to these remedies!




◆◆◆ August 16, 2020 ◆◆◆


And here is the summary about a month ago!



At this point, the situation of Japan’s vaccine supply negotiations has finally begun to emerge!

And in this summary, there is a little information on the development status of vaccines in other countries!


Russia : The vaccine under development was approved in Russia.

      (* Clinical trials were too short and there were concerns from other countries)


China :  The vaccine being developed by the PLA’s research institute has advanced to the third stage of the final stage of clinical trials, and it is OK for people inside the military to take it already.



It was also during this time that the vaccine being developed by American pharmaceutical giant Pfizer was in the final stages of clinical trials, with news that it would be approved in the United States as early as October!




◆◆◆ August 31, 2020 ◆◆◆


And finally, here is an article that summarizes vaccines …


こんにちは! この記事に興味を持って下さってありがとうございます! いつも  『まとめ記事』  =  『東京と日本・世界の新型コロナウイルス感染者数まとめ』 でワクチンや治療薬の情報を載せさせ...


This is a summary of the news at the end of August last month!


Since I understood the negotiation situation in Japan at that time, it is an article summarized!


(From the summary article)


コロナワクチン健康被害 製薬会社の損失 国補償で法的措置へ




・Vaccine under development by American pharmaceutical company Moderna

 →Negotiations for supply of 20 million people (40 million times or more) from the first half of next year

  (*Takeda Pharmaceutical Industry’s domestic sales distribution)


・Vaccine under development by American pharmaceutical giant Pfizer

 →Agreement to supply 60 million people by the end of June next year


・Vaccine under development of British pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca

 →Agreement to supply 60 million people since January next year




In summary, the current situation is like follows.



Agreed (supply confirmed) for 120 million people

↑ Vaccines for almost all people in Japan


Under negotiation for 20 million people




By the way, at this time, the following things became clear.

the government has decided that in order to facilitate smooth negotiations with overseas pharmaceutical companies regarding the vaccine of “new coronavirus (COVID-19) infectious disease,” the Japanese government will bear the compensation for damages in the event of health damage (side effects).



Vaccines and therapeutic agents are being developed in this way!


The above is a long time, but it is a summary of vaccine information so far!

I’m sorry it’s getting longer. ..






…It is the latest information on vaccine development from here! lol



日本国内での新型コロナワクチンP1/2相臨床試験開始  アストラゼネカ – ロイター

英国ワクチン日本国内で臨床試験開始 – 0テレNEWS24

It seems that

“The world’s fastest new coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine being developed by the University of Oxford and the British pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca”

has already started clinical trials in Japan! !! !! !!


I’m too happy…!



…I’m sorry, I’m too excited. lol


As I have already introduced it to you in this summary article, so I think everyone knows it, but this “new coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine AZD1222″, which is likely to be completed at the fastest in the world, is scheduled to be completed in England in September.

And it is said that supply will start in the end of September or October in the world, and it will be supplied to Japan in January!



But are the clinical trials already started?!



The “vaccine” that fundamentally solves this “new coronavirus (COVID-19) infectious disease” and returns us to normal life is approaching to that point!



We’re too happy! 

The dinner is red rice tonight!

(*In Japan, we eat red rice on celebration days. lol)




I’m sorry I didn’t convey the information because I expressed happiness too much… lol


A clinical trial of this vaccine has been started at several hospitals since the end of August last month, and it will target approximately 260 men and women over the age of 18.

(The clinical trial has three stages, but it seems that the first and second stages will be conducted.)


And they said

“First, confirm the safety and confirm the immune response to the new coronavirus (COVID-19)”.



By the way, we are conducting this clinical trial in many countries around the world,

South Africa (Phase 1 and 2 trial)

United Kingdom (Phase 2 and 3)

Brazil (Phase 3)

United States (Phase 3)

(* Phase 3 is the final test)



soon! It’s within reach!



In Japan, not only clinical trials but also special measures and AstraZeneca will do their best, and I hope that it will be supplied early in the year, not in January next year!



By the way, the WHO said that, by in the middle of next year, “to start the supply by creating an international framework for the correct and fair distribution of vaccines” in the middle of next year!

WHO 「新型コロナのワクチン 分配開始は来年中頃の見通し」 – NHK

It would be great if “new coronavirus (COVID-19)” disappeared from all over the world!



In addition, the vaccine of the American pharmaceutical company Pfizer, which is scheduled to be supplied to Japan, will apply for approval of the “new coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine” in October!

米製薬ファイザー 10月中にも新型コロナワクチン承認申請へ

Inoculation is likely to start in the United States in November!





(It has become extremely long …)

The above is the information on the development of vaccines and therapeutic agents that have been summarized so far, and the information on when vaccines will be available in Japan in the future!



Just knowing how much you can secure now and when the vaccine will actually be supplied to Japan is quite hopeful!



I’m glad that this information can fundamentally solve this “new coronavirus (COVID-19) infectious disease”, but I hope it will be supplied to Japan a little sooner …



Either way, I hope this “new coronavirus (COVID-19) infection” will be controlled soon



Until then, let’s do our best to prevent infection for a while!




Please be very careful when you go out!












*This is “COVID-19 Trend Calendar in Tokyo” as of Sep 11↓


Changes in New Coronavirus Infection in Tokyo


Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Total
472 2187
292 258 309 263 360 462 429 2373
331 197 188 222 206 389 385 1918
260 161 207 186 339 258 256 1667
212 95 182 236 250 226 247 1448
148 100
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Total
170 141 211 136 181 1087
116 77 170 149 276 187


 *Unit: person (number of infected people on that day)


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