The number of deaths is terrible, but changing the treatment under the Infectious Disease Law from “equivalent to type 2” to “type 5″… Seriously?




By the way, there is an active movement to change the handling of COVID-19 infectious diseases from “class 2” to “class 5” under the Infectious Diseases Law, but there was an article about it, so I will introduce it briefly!

First of all, although it is a theory in the first place, the classification under the Infectious Diseases Law seems to be like this ↓


↑Well… As you can see, “class 5” is nothing but “treat it the same as a common cold”.
As you can see from the table above, only Class 5 is clearly treated as “light”.


And “when it is changed from 2 to 5” will be like this ↓

“Even if you get infected, you can come to work.”
“You don’t have to quarantine yourself at home.”
“You have to pay for the treatment yourself.”


… Well, even now, there are too many people who take COVID-19 lightly, and as a result, the infection has exploded too much, so if they say, “Infection and vaccination are your own responsibility!”, I would like the infected person to pay for the treatment fee (dry laugh), but if it is classified as 5, the treatment fee will be officially borne by the infected person…


…However, there seems to be an incomprehensible argument that “the Japanese government bears the medical expenses even though it is classified as 5″…


By the way, even this feature article (NHK) makes such a misleading graph ↓

(*”Fatality rate due to COVID-19″)

↑ “The fatality rate is so low!”


But in fact…the number of infected people is increasing like crazy, so the fatality rate is going down, but the number of deaths itself has been increasing like this recently ↓


Even if you look at the number of deaths during the entire period of COVID-19 disaster (from January 2020 to the present), the number of deaths is increasing steadily like this.

(*The current 8th wave is still in progress, so it is highly likely that the mountains will continue to rise.)


In addition, the article emphasizes the enhancement of the medical system, saying,

 “Under the current medical system, general medical institutions and clinics are now able to examine COVID-19 after taking measures against infectious diseases!”

, but…


But no matter how you think about it, it’s nothing more than “COVID-19 is spreading in all medical institutions, from big hospitals to small town clinics.”


COVID-19 still seems to be incomparably more contagious and more lethal than influenza, but the current situation is that even those who do not want to be infected are exposed to the risk of infection due to the choice of life by the Japanese government and those who do not want to refrain from self-restraint.
(*Because COVID-19 is still spreading, but influenza is not so prevalent.)













Changes in New Coronavirus Infection in Tokyo


Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Total
3834 35965
2922 1673 4310 4067 3042 3016 2605 21635
2242 1372 1504 4790 4338 3495 3239 20980
2714 1588 4213 4204 3489 2840 3231 22279
2805 1735 4702 4347 3941 3520 4121 25171
3687 2019
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Total
6520 6346 6686 3090 7967 36315
6264 3489 8665 9012 7969 7899 8021 51319
6922 4025 11196 10114 9755 8292 9457 59761
7777 4619 12758 12850 5639 12938 13569 70150
10346 5767 14680 14399
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Total
12332 11244 13321 82089
10454 5388 15501 14946 14104 13556 14558 88507
12163 7044 19800 18812 17687 16273 17020 108799
13646 7949 20513 21186

 *Unit: person (number of infected people on that day)