(5/20) Tokyo today about COVID-19 [Fixed Value]



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843 ( +77 from the day before) new infections confirmed in Tokyo.





◆◆◆ Japan ◆◆◆



Number of people infected nationwide : 5,721 ( -98)

Number of people deaths nationwide : 106 ( +11)

Number of people infected in Tokyo : 843 ( +77)

 *( )= increase  from the day before



Number of people infected nationwide : 705,933 ( +5,718)

Number of people deaths nationwide : 12,078 ( +108)

Number of hospital discharges : 615,983 ( +6,238)

 *( )= increase  from the day before

* Since revisions are made daily by local governments and the media,
the cumulative total may differ from the new figures for the day.


Number of seriously ill persons nationwide : 1,288 ( -5



Airport(+Seaport) Quarantine : 10 ( +2 / Total 3,051)

  *( )= increase  from the day before




(Cumulative) * The following is up to 10 worst prefectures.

▽東京都 (Tokyo)          154,999人  (前日+  843人)
▽大阪府 (Osaka)            96,643人  (前日+  501人)
▽神奈川県 (Kanagawa)   58,894人  (前日+308人)
▽愛知県 (Aichi)              42,971人  (前日+ 633人)
▽埼玉県 (Saitama)         42,293人  (前日+ 228人)
▽兵庫県 (Hyogo)            38,367人  (前日+ 209人)
▽千葉県 (Chiba)             35,934人  (前日+ 114人)
▽北海道 (Hokkaido)        32,591人  (前日+ 681人)
▽福岡県 (Fukuoka)          31,766人  (前日+399人)
▽京都府 (Kyoto)              15,146人  (前日+127人)

*( )= increase  from the day before


▽沖縄県 (Okinawa)       14,487人  (前日+   198人)


 (*All of the above from 2021/05/20 20:46 /  NHK NEWS WEB)



◆◆◆ World ◆◆◆



Number of people infected nationwide  165,617,501 ( +653,203)

Number of people deaths nationwide : 3,433,373 ( +12,524)

Number of hospital discharges : 144,671,036 ( +718,263)

( All of the above from 2021/05/20 20:00 / worldometers)

*( )= increase  from the day before




The number of newly infected people in Tokyo continues to be lower than last week …!

↑ I wrote the same thing yesterday, but it’s been like this this week!



But … I’m worried that the number of infected people is still high …




Meanwhile… How about the amount of people in the city in Tokyo…↓

(Around 15:00 on May 20, Shibuya Scramble Crossing, Tokyo)



Well, I will summarize

the breakdown of the number of new infections in Tokyo + α …!



Out of [843] new infections in Tokyo


・Today’s newly infected people are men and women in their under10 to 90s

[420 people is in their 20s to 30s
  (about 50% of the total) 

[212] people is in their 40s to 50s
  (about 25% of the total)

     *under10 : [27] persons
     *10s :       [53] persons
     *20s :      [268] persons
     *30s :      [152] persons
     *40s :      [113] persons
     *50s :      [99] persons
     *60s :       [60] persons
     *70s :       [34] persons
     *80s :       [26] persons
     *90s :     [11] persons
     *over100 : [0] persons


[N/A] people is
  in 『the entertainment district at night』
  →Employees and guests such as host clubs and cabaret clubs


Infection at home         [168] people
Infection at office         [43] people
・Infection in the facility    [40] people
Infection by eating out   [18] people
Infection via other routes [N/A] people


*Bed usage rate:         42.0% (←42.2%)
  for severely ill people: 18.5% (←19.6%)
   *( )= Number of the previous day


(Individual infection information)

 ・ I couldn’t confirm the information today …


***  Information on people under medical treatment in Tokyo  ***

Number of hospitalized :  2,361 ( -22)

Number of seriously ill :  73 ( -8)

Hotel medical treatment : 1,176 ( -54)

Home medical treatment :  1,903 ( -122)

Adjusting for “hospitalization or hotel or home treatment” : 913 ( +6)

People discharged from hospital or

those who have completed medical treatment at home: 145,819 ( +943)

 *( )= increase  from the day before


Net increase in infected people in Tokyo

 = (Number of new infections)

   - (Number of people who completed medical treatment)

   - (Number of deaths)

 = 843 - 730  - 13

 = +100 people


Estimated total number of infected people in Tokyo as of today

 = (Number of positives)

   - (end of medical treatment period such as discharge)

   - (Number of deaths)

 = 154,999 - 146,549 - 1,997

 = 6,453 people


*Tokyo currently has 12 facilities for infected people
 (Capacity of 5,048 people)


* A hospital in Tokyo has secured 4716 beds (+332 beds for critically ill patients).
 → According to national standards, the number of beds for severe cases was 1024.


*The hotels are that,

“the b Ikebukuro”, “DayniceHOTEL Tokyo”,
“Toyoko INN Shinjukukabukicho”,
“Toyoko INN Tokyo Station Shinoohashimae”,
“Shinagawa Prince Hotel (East Tower)”,
“Apa Hotel Asakusa Taharamachi Ekimae”,
“Tokyo Toranomon Tokyu REI Hotel”,
“Toyoko Inn Fuchu Nanbu Line Minamitama Station”,
“APA Hotel & Resort Nishi-Shinjuku 5-chome Station Tower”,
“Tokyo Pet-accompanied accommodation facility”,
“APA Hotel Yamanote Otsuka Station Tower”,
“Toyoko Inn Ikebukuro North Exit II”

* 東京都福祉保健局 *3施設追加|東京都


*The source of the total number of infected persons is from 東京都




■ Of today’s number of infected people [843]

Rich contacts [317] people

   (about 38% of the total)

Unknown infection route [526] people

    (about 62% of the total)

・Overseas travel history holder [0] person(s)

* Bringing in samples from outside of Tokyo [24 cases]




Quarantine at the airport

Case study Response
(arrival date)
Age sex residence Behavior history Symptom
2857 Narita
30s male Chiba prefecture Malaysia Asymptomatic
2858 Narita
50s male Tokyo India Asymptomatic
2859 Narita
Forties male Undisclosed India Asymptomatic
2860 Narita
30s male Aichi prefecture India Asymptomatic
2861 Haneda
Forties male Tokyo England Asymptomatic
2862 Narita
30s male Miyagi Prefecture Afghanistan Asymptomatic
2863 Narita
Forties male Saitama Nigeria Asymptomatic
2864 Kansai
International Airport (5/19)
Under teens Woman Osaka Singapore Asymptomatic
2865 Narita
30s male Tokyo Mexico Asymptomatic
2866 Haneda
50s male Saitama India Asymptomatic

*From the website of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare



*Since the number of new infections in Tokyo seems to be almost the number of the previous day,

(Because the deadline for the number of new infections on the day is from 9:00 am the day before to 9:00 am on the day)





And also today, I will summarize some prefectures that have a high number of infected people, not just in the Tokyo area.



*** Saitama ***

New infections are [228] people  

   →Saitama City    [51] person(s)
    Kawaguchi City [29] person(s)
    Koshigaya City   [6] person(s)
    Kawagoe City      [7] person(s)
    Other municipalities [114] person(s)


    * I’m sorry, but the number of people in Saitama by region comes out, but the details are often late or not come out on the day …




*** Kanagawa ***

New infections are [308] people

  ・Rich contacts [143] people
  ・Unknown infection route [165] people


(Individual infection information)

 ・”Outpatient care facility in Yokohama City
       *Today [3] person(s) / Cumulative [6] person(s)

 ・”Nippon Sport Science University” Athletic Club in Yokohama City
       *Today [1] person(s) / Cumulative [33] person(s)

 ・Private offices in Hiratsuka jurisdiction
       *Today [10] person(s) / Cumulative [22] person(s)




*** Chiba ***

New infections are [114] people


(Individual infection information)



 * Currently, in Chiba, cluster information is not coming out much again …
   (I have the impression that they haven’t given much information since autumn)




*** Osaka ***

New infections are [501] people 

 ・ I couldn’t confirm the information today …




*** Aichi ***

New infections are [633] people

   Nagoya City [255] people




*** Okinawa ***

New infections are [198] people


    →US military base:[N/A] person(s)

       *Cumulative 919 US military personel

       *Not included in the number of infected people in Okinawa




*** Fukuoka ***

New infections are [399] person(s)

   →Fukuoka City    [163] people 
   →Kitakyushu City [86] people
   →Kurume City       [16] people


(Individual infection information)

 ・”Kitakyushu Kokura Hospital” in Kitakyushu City
       *Today [4] person(s) / Cumulative [7] person(s)

 ・Switchboard manufacturer “AIMU Mfg. Co., Ltd.” in Kitakyushu City
       *Today [7] person(s) / Cumulative [11] person(s)


      *Among the infected people counted today, there are [5] cluster relationships, including the above… (Other than the above, add 2 or less each)




◆◆◆ Hokkaido ◆◆◆

New infections are [681] person(s)

   →Sapporo City [394] people


(Individual infection information)

 ・Accommodation facility “Apa Hotel & Resort Sapporo” in Otaru City
       *Today [new] person(s) / Cumulative [10] person(s)
       *The government rented a hotel and provided a medical facility for COVID-19 patients.

 ・Restaurants with karaoke in Otaru City
       *Today [16] person(s) / Cumulative [23] person(s)

 ・Hotels in Noboribetsu City
       *Today [3] person(s) / Cumulative [9] person(s)


      *Among the infected people counted today, there are [13] cluster relationships, including the above… (Other than the above, add 2 or less each)


     * In Hokkaido, outbreaks are rarely known on the day of the outbreak, and since it will be revealed and announced the next day or later, the cumulative number of people will be announced instead of the number on the day of the outbreak.




◆◆◆ Hyogo ◆◆◆

New infections are [209] person(s)


(Individual infection information)

 ・Facilities for the elderly in the Kakogawa jurisdiction
       *Today [1] person(s) / Cumulative [N/A] person(s)

 ・Long-term care health facility in Ashiya jurisdiction
       *Today [2] person(s) / Cumulative [N/A] person(s)

 ・Facilities for the elderly in Nishinomiya City
       *Today [2] person(s) / Cumulative [26] person(s)




◆◆◆ Kyoto ◆◆◆

New infections are [127] person(s)

 ・ I couldn’t confirm the information today …




* Others At this time (20:30), it seems that more than 10 people have been confirmed to be infected in the following areas …

▽ Ibaraki Prefecture has 9246 people (62)
▽ Hiroshima prefecture has 9219 people (212)
▽ Miyagi Prefecture has 8669 people (28)
▽ Gifu Prefecture has 7889 people (108)
▽ Shizuoka Prefecture has 7718 people (59)
▽ Nara Prefecture has 7514 people (39)
▽ Gunma Prefecture has 7431 people (61)
▽ Okayama Prefecture has 6631 people (123)
▽ Tochigi Prefecture has 5983 people (36)
▽ Kumamoto Prefecture has 5765 people (80)
▽ Shiga Prefecture has 4687 people (54)
▽ Mie Prefecture has 4617 people (36)
▽ Nagano Prefecture has 4,500 people (37)
▽ Fukushima Prefecture has 4368 people (37)
▽ Ishikawa Prefecture has 3356 people (28)
▽ Oita Prefecture has 3055 people (44)
▽ Kagoshima Prefecture has 3025 people (39)
▽ Niigata Prefecture has 2950 people (26)
▽ Miyazaki Prefecture has 2918 people (37)
▽ Nagasaki Prefecture has 2803 people (14)
▽ Yamaguchi Prefecture has 2609 people (47)
▽ Wakayama Prefecture has 2527 people (10)
▽ Saga Prefecture has 2342 people (21)
▽ Aomori Prefecture has 2099 people (66)
▽ Kagawa Prefecture has 1883 people (26)
▽ Yamagata Prefecture has 1798 people (23)
▽ Toyama Prefecture has 1613 people (31)
▽ Yamanashi Prefecture has 1447 people (14)
▽ Iwate Prefecture has 1300 people (25)
▽ Kochi Prefecture has 1198 people (10)


*Graph of the number of newly infected people in Japan as of yesterday

(* This bar graph is up to the previous day, so today’s red bar (handwritten) is on the far right, but it’s about this …)


(*”Since the graph shows only the numbers up to the previous day, I handwritten the rightmost bar, but this is about it!”)









Areas subject to “Emergency declaration” and “Priority measures such as prevention of spread”
  (* As of May 15)

●State of emergency (* until March 31)
 (Extension) Tokyo / Osaka / Hyogo / Kyoto
 (Addition) Aichi / Fukuoka
 (Add more) Hokkaido / Okayama / Hiroshima

● Priority measures such as prevention of spread
 Saitama / Chiba / Kanagawa / Ehime / Okinawa / Hokkaido / Gifu / Mie
 (Addition) Ishikawa / Gunma / Kumamoto

(*群馬など5つの県に“まん延防止”適用方針 – Yahoo!)
(*緊急事態宣言 6都府県に拡大 “まん延防止”は8道県に拡大 – NHK)

*In addition, Gifu is also considering requesting a state of emergency.
 (*岐阜県が緊急事態宣言要請へ 知事「対象の県と同様の水準」 – Yahoo!)




The news of Taiwan is reported every day in Japan, but
(The spread of infection suddenly started a few days ago)

it seems that Taiwan will ban foreigners from entering the country for a month as early as possible!


However, it seems that foreigners with permanent residency are OK, and Taiwanese are OK, so it looks the same as “Japan’s border measures”.

After all, is “complete blockade” difficult in the world?





And while there are daily news reports of an unusual amount of mistakes in the domestic vaccination, today there were two news stories about mistakes that should never be made …

In Kobe City, a mistake was made in injecting with an “empty syringe” and air got into the blood vessels …

It is said that there is no health problem because the amount of air that enters is 0.3 ml, but it is a life-threatening mistake, isn’t it?

Also, in Nara City, they used a used syringe for another person …

This is such a big deal that it really has to be big news …

To be honest, I was trembling when I saw this news …


The fundamental reason why Japanese people are negative about vaccination is because of the following events.

In the 1940s, “reuse of syringes caused hepatitis B infection in 450,000 people.”
(*国は実態を把握していながら放置し続け、最終的にB型肝炎感染者数45万人という甚大な被害を生じさせた – 全国B型肝炎訴訟北海道弁護団)


This news is doing exactly the same thing …


However, it seems that the topic is being neglected by the public, as the Japanese have forgotten the root cause of their dislike of vaccination …



By the way, regarding vaccination reservations at large-scale vaccination venues,

I mentioned the other day that reservations were closed in Osaka only 25 minutes after the reservation started, but it seems that the venue in Tokyo was also closed at 9 pm the day after the reservation started …


Ministry of Defense
“In Japan, we have a sufficient amount of vaccine, so please make a reservation without hassle.”

↑↑ Don’t be silly…



By the way, regarding the Ministry of Defense…,

the Asahi Shimbun and Mainichi Shimbun made an article trying that “you can make a vaccination reservation at a large-scale vaccination site even with a fictitious vaccination ticket number”, but the Ministry of Defense protested, “If you make a false reservation, you will deprive other people of the opportunity to vaccinate.”


You have only one thing to say, right?


Hey … Ministry of Defense … If you have time to make such a protest, fix the system as soon as possible so that people can’t make a reservation with a fictitious number …


(dry laugh)





Last but not least, this week’s Tokyo has had a much lower number of infected people than last week!


(*Current infection situation in Tokyo)


The streets are full of voices saying, “The peak has already passed!”, But I personally feel that the decrease is less than I expected, and I’m still a little skeptical …


Professor Nishiura of Kyoto University, who specializes in analysis using mathematical models, also seems to say, “I can’t say whether it will really go down or increase again if I don’t look at it a little more.”
(*東京都の緊急事態宣言 専門家「5月末の解除は厳しいのでは」 – NHK)





(* Red = Japan’s year-end and New Year holidays)


As shown in the figure above, it peaks in the week (1 week later) following the consecutive holidays (year-end and New Year holidays), stays high the next week (2 weeks later), and begins to decrease from the green frame = 3 weeks after the year-end and New Year holidays.



Applying that to this GW, it’s the week two weeks after the GW now!

So now, “this week is a remain high week” …


Will it start to decrease from next week?

I hope so!







And this article↓


How long time the materials such as paper, cloth, plastic, etc. need to eliminating the risk when coronavirus is attached, and how effective disinfection is.

If you are interested, please take a look!







And here’s a trial calculation of how many people in Japan are actually receiving medical treatment.


(Number of people infected nationwide) 705,933

+ (Number of hospital discharges ) 12,078

+ (Number of hospital discharges ) 615,983

= 77,872 people ( -628)  ← being treated

 *()=increase  from the day before



(If it is exactly as announced)

For those who are undergoing medical treatment nationwide are…

there are many days when the numbers increase this week too …




In the open space in front of Takadanobaba Station in Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo, the administration seems to have finally started to exercise its abilities because drinking on the street does not stop no matter how many times you pay attention to the crowd …

It seems that the Shinjuku government surrounded the square with a barricade and physically prevented it from entering …



I’m a little tired of people who can’t understand without doing that …


And …
People only have that kind of feeling, so even if the government just “calls”, there is no reason to refrain from going out.



The number of infected people in Tokyo and Osaka is decreasing, so if it is reduced in the future, it will only be a solution just in front of useven if COVID-19 is resolved, I’m really scary in the future because there are people with such sensibilities…





Please be careful when you go out!










Changes in New Coronavirus Infection in Tokyo


Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Total
121 232 316 279 301 293 1871
237 116 290 340 335 304 330 1952
239 175 300 409 323 303 342 2091
256 187 337 420 394 376 430 2400
313 234 364 414
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Total
475 440 446 2686
355 249 399 555 545 567 570 3240
421 306 510 591 729 667 759 3983
543 405 711 843 861 759 876 4998
635 425 828 925 1027 698
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Total
1050 5588
879 708 609 621 591 907 1121 5436
1032 573 925 969 1010 854 772 6135
542 419 732 766 843


 *Unit: person (number of infected people on that day)