(04/13) Tokyo today about COVID-19 [Fixed Value]



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8,253 (+1,331 from the day before) new infections confirmed in Tokyo.




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(Cumulative) * The following is up to 10 worst prefectures.


*( )= increase  from the day before



 (*All of the above from NHK NEWS WEB)



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The number of infected people in Tokyo is … well …
It was “decreased from last week” for the last two days in a row, but …


Rather than a decrease … it’s flat… isn’t it?




Meanwhile… How about the amount of people in the city in Tokyo…↓

(Around 15:00 today, Shibuya Scramble Crossing, Tokyo)



Well, I will summarize

the breakdown of the number of new infections in Tokyo + α …!





[N/A] people is
  in 『the entertainment district at night』
  →Employees and guests such as host clubs and cabaret clubs


Infection at home         [1922] people
Infection at office         [-] people
・Infection in the facility    [-] people

Infection by eating out   [-] people
Infection via other routes [-] people


(Individual infection information)

 ・Of the【8,253】 people today, 【3918】 people (47%) seem to have completed both vaccinations …

 ・ The positive rate in the test in Tokyo seems to be 【34.4%】 as of Mar 04


(Red letters are as of January 27, 2022)
*Tokyo currently has 16 facilities for infected people→19 facilities
 (Capacity of 6,240 people)→7976 rooms (5420 people)
 (*Since space for staff and storage space for materials are also required, the number that can be accommodated is smaller than the number secured)


* A hospital in Tokyo has secured 5967 beds (+392 beds→510 beds for critically ill patients).→6919 beds
 → According to national standards, the number of beds for severe cases was 1207. (*Yahoo!)→1468 beds


*The hotels are that,

the b Ikebukuro
Toyoko Inn Shinjuku Kabukicho
Toyoko Inn Tokyo Station Shin-Ohashi-mae
East Tower (Shinagawa Prince Hotel)
Toyoko Inn Fuchu Nanbu Line Minamitama Station
APA Hotel & Resort Nishi-Shinjuku 5-chome Station Tower
Toyoko Inn Ikebukuro North Exit II
In front of APA Hotel Pride Parliament Building
APA Hotel Higashi Shinjuku Kabukicho Tower
Tokyu Stay Takanawa
APA Hotel Shinjuku Gyoenmae
Comfort Hotel Tokyo Higashi Nihonbashi
APA Hotel TKP Nippori Ekimae
Far East Village Hotel Tokyo Ariake
Hotel Gracery Shinjuku
Tokyo Bay Ariake Washington Hotel
Toyoko Inn Haneda Airport 2
Candeo Hotels Ueno Park
Tokyo Pet-accompanied accommodation medical treatment facility


(Discontinued facility)
Day Nice Hotel Tokyo * Ended May 31, 3rd year of Reiwa
APA Hotel Asakusa Taharamachi Ekimae * Ended March 31, 3rd year of Reiwa
Tokyo Toranomon Tokyu REI * Ended March 31, 3rd year of Reiwa
Toyoko Inn Fuchu Nanbu Line Minamitama Station * Ended April 16, 3rd year of Reiwa
APA Hotel Yamanote Otsuka Station Tower * Temporarily suspended
APA Hotel Shinagawa Izumidakeji Ekimae * Temporarily suspended
Hachioji Sky Hotel * Ended October 31, 3rd year of Reiwa
Kichijoji Tokyu REI * Ended January 15, 4th year of Reiwa


 東京都福祉保健局 ※1施設追加|東京都 ※宿泊療養について(施設名一覧あり)
東京で宿泊療養3千人止まり 即時対応難しく – Yahoo!








・Quarantine at the airport passengers arriving at the airport from overseas.

     ↓   ↓   ↓

(↑Please click the image to continue)
From the website of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare

Click here for detailed information on current border measures and isolation period ↓
(*海外安全ホームページ – 外務省)


*Since the number of new infections in Tokyo seems to be almost the number of the previous day,

(Because the deadline for the number of new infections on the day is from 9:00 am the day before to 9:00 am on the day)



And also today, I will summarize some prefectures that have a high number of infected people, not just in the Tokyo area.



*** Saitama ***

New infections are [3016] people (*Max of up to yesterday=7354)


(Individual infection information)

 ・It seems that clusters have been confirmed in a total of [5] locations




*** Kanagawa ***

New infections are [4517] people (*Max of up to yesterday=9097)


(Individual infection information)

 ・It seems that clusters have been confirmed in a total of [7] locations




*** Chiba ***

New infections are [2625] people (*Max of up to yesterday=6604)


(Individual infection information)

 ・It seems that new clusters have been confirmed in a total of  [?] locations




*The following areas introduced until the other day will be excluded for a while.
 ①About “Osaka / Aichi / Okinawa / Hyogo / Kyoto”
   →I have summarized this for the past year, but the details of the infection rarely appear during the day.
 ②About “Hokkaido”
   →Infection is settling down



* In addition, the number of infected people in each prefecture at the present time (19:00) seems to be like this! ↓




*Graph of the number of newly infected people in Japan as of yesterday









<Summary of today’s “Major News Related to COVID-19 in Japan”>




Well, today is a continuation of yesterday! 🙂
I’m sorry I couldn’t put it together in a day!


About “Does the restriction on going out make sense anymore?”, yesterday I summarized “How long does the current virus lose its infectivity?”!



Based on that, today I would like to summarize the main subject, “Why does the spread of infection not stop even though China and Shanghai have strict restrictions on going out?” based on a recent news article!



When it was discovered that the infection was spreading in Shanghai, China, the city was first divided into the eastern part and the western part, and each of them took turns to restrict going out once.



↑Well … When the Shanghai government restricted going out, half of the city was free to act, and it took only 5 days each, so as expected, the spread of the infection couldn’t stop …



By the way, this is an article on the Yomiuri Shimbun online dated April 5


“Shanghai, which began its lockdown on March 28, has seen a surge in the number of new infections to 12,254 by April 4.”

“Updated record high for 4 consecutive days”

“The lockdown release scheduled for the 5th has been postponed. The entire city will be blocked.”

“In the manufacturing industry, even if employees stay in the factory and operate, they cannot procure goods or carry out finished products due to paralysis of the transportation network.”



And the article of Diamond Online dated April 8th, which is the third day since the “lockdown of the whole city” started ↓

Even Shanghai citizens say, “The government is overkill. Asymptomatic does not need to be isolated.”


However, on the contrary…,↓

“It seems that a large number of infected people and deaths have occurred at Shanghai Donghai Elderly Care Clinic, the largest facility for the elderly in Shanghai.”

“I saw six hearse parked in front of the hospital.”

“Multiple people are witnessing the bodies of more than a dozen people.”

“In Shanghai, only the number of newly infected people is announced, and the number of deaths and severe cases is hidden.”

“The blockade of the district due to the community-acquired infection of Omicron variant began on March 11th.”


In addition, there were the following contents.
“The smartphone app is a system that only displays negatives.”
“The site is confused because each institution operates at its own discretion.”



And in the article on April 10th, I finally found an article with the content that seems to be “Oh, this is the reason why the spread of infection does not stop at all …” …!

It’s an article written by a journalist … but I’m assuming that it has a certain degree of credibility because it’s on “Yahoo! News”.


“The number of newly infected people in Shanghai on April 9 was 24,943.”

“Shanghai police are monitoring citizens with helicopters and drones.”

“They found more than 250 violations of walking outdoors or gathering and chatting in restricted areas.”

“A man in Shisen-Sho was detained for five days because he was asked to wait at home after visiting several places on March 31, but ignored it and visited his friend without permission.

“A man used video software to print a fake negative certificate and sold it to 252 people.”


From the perspective of us Japanese, in “China, where the power of the government is strong,” the Chinese people have “strict restrictions on going out,” so they should never be able to go out, and I thought that isolation should be perfect. However, in reality, it seems that there are many people who have not been able to comply with that…


It’s a funny story like “I thought it was perfectly sealed in a vacuum container, but the container was actually a mesh specification.”



In this way, Shanghai, China does not stop the spread of infection even though it has strict restrictions on going out, but in reality there are only strict restrictions on going out, and it seems that the spread of infection will not stop at all because people are free to act and interact with each other …



By the way, even “a strong Chinese government aiming for zero corona” has turned out to be halfway like this.


After all, it seems that whether or not “Zero Corona” can be achieved depends largely on the degree of citizenship of the country.


I thought Japan had a high degree of people, but it wasn’t far from China … (dry laugh)





↓ In addition, there was such an article! ↓






And this article↓


How long time the materials such as paper, cloth, plastic, etc. need to eliminating the risk when coronavirus is attached, and how effective disinfection is.
If you are interested, please take a look!




And here’s a trial calculation of how many people in Japan are actually receiving medical treatment.

(If it is exactly as announced)

For those who are undergoing medical treatment nationwide are…
It’s increasing every day, but there are days when it’s decreasing …!





As a result of summarizing over two days, I came to the funny conclusion that “in the end, people’s degree!” (lol), but in Taiwan, where that “people’s degree” seems to be much higher than in Japan …



 As far as the shape of the graph is concerned, it seems that the spread of infection cannot be prevented even in Taiwan … but in fact … ↓

Astonishing fact that there are still less than 600 people like this …!



THAT IS A people’s degree?
But when you look at this … it is maybe people’s degree … (dry laugh)






Please be careful when you go out!










Changes in New Coronavirus Infection in Tokyo


Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Total
14445 21576 20679 19798 21122 125266
17526 12211 17113 18287 18891 18660 11765 114453
13074 10334 15525 17331 17864 16129 13516 103773
12935 8805 11443 14567 10169 11125 11562 80606
10321 9632
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Total
11813 12693 12251 10517 10806 78033
9289 5374 8925 10823 10080 8464 9164 62119
8131 4836 7836 10221 8461 7825 7444 54754
6502 3855 3533 6430 8875 7289 7440 43924
7844 4544 7846 9520 8226
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Total
7982 7395 53357
7899 4384 6968 8652 8753 8112 8102 52870
8026 4562 6922 8253

 *Unit: person (number of infected people on that day)